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DISCO at home with Rider Guider

I recently collaborated with Rider Guider, an equestrian app which offers audio riding and groundwork lessons.

There's a 30 minute guided dressage session for you to try on the app in the flatwork section. A monthly subscription to the app costs £4.99 (including a free14 day trial).

I've been using the app since the Spring and I have to say it's made a massive difference to my confidence when schooling on my own. I can get lost in my thoughts sometimes - this is ok, but doesn't always produce the most progressive schooling results! Now I usually allow myself some free wandering time, interspersed with some structure provided by the audios on the app.

I hope my audio track offers the same reassurance and interesting content for you, at home with your disco ponies. If you want to download the track, you can purchase from the DISCO shop here.

Happy listening!

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