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Dressage training in Scotland and Kent

DISCO is back in Angus for dressage training on 30th July with our Tina Turner tribute routine and also "fresh and exciting" for this year we have a Frozen routine for our Juniors. Tickets are on sale now here

Later in the year, we are hosting a special new format for dressage training in Kent. I say we, as it's me (Anna) with Hannah Martin from HM Creative Dance & Yoga who I work with to produce our routines. We are hoping to have a maximum of 8 riders at Hadlow College to work with for 2 hours in a workshop type session. The group of riders on the day will have some control over the creative execution of ideas and together we will formulate your unique floorplan to the music you choose. This could be a group of 8 people already known to each other, or you will meet each other on the day and we will work as a newly-formed team. The routine that we create could be used for BRC quadrille adaption or perhaps we could think of a way for you to showcase it to others in the future. Possibilities! I hope there are some riders out there as excited about this as I am. It will be an experience for Hannah too to see our plans live in action.

We hope we can roll this out to other regions in 2024 so get in touch if you like the idea!

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