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Summer holidays survival

Its 5.40am and I'm up because our elderly Jack Russell needed an early trot up the road at 5am. Our children are on Summer holidays so a couple of hours work now before butler service of breakfast, cuddles and interaction helps me keep a rhythm to business. I'm still learning how to balance work and family life - our eldest is nearly 9 years old! it is getting easier during term time as school days and clubs mean long days for them. They are more independent however they need support in the evenings with homework, reading and emotions. We have particular challenges to contend with, my youngest is still 5 and insists that only I can make her chocolate spread on toast in the morning, which causes logistical issues. Having had both children at home for prolonged periods during the pandemic, we are all quite attached to each other.

During term time I regularly help a lady with some horses locally. In an effort to keep this up a small amount during the holidays, I've been on my bike by 5.30am and on a horse by 6.30am. Riding out at that time is wonderful as the roads are quiet and the day is just waking up. On those blissful days, I've returned home just as the protests for chocolate spread "Mummy-style" are reaching a crescendo and my husband can swiftly disappear into the office to commence his day. I love what I do and I love that I am around for the children during the holidays, however I do miss my routines so being able to keep riding a bit and working a bit is good for everyone! The 5am club is the answer it would seem.

How do you all manage work life and horses? I would love to hear your insights.

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