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Super Sunday

In Scotland on Sunday afternoon, Coach Shelagh launched our Frozen routine for some of our Junior riders. They improvised to create their own tailored version of our floorplan to suit the riders, the arena and the ponies. Superb job! A special mention has to go to the little bay pony who is wearing Sven-style reindeer ears as part of their brilliant costume. Inspired.

Then it was time for the Seniors riding our Tina Turner Tribute routine. They also made it their own with some fabulous creativity for the three riders participating. We love the shapes they made and the varying tempo. A lot of canter work for one rider! It is brilliant to see different breeds attending our events too. In this video you can see a grey Arabian horse leading the charge for some of the routine showing how versatile these horses can be. They can make brilliant dancing partners with their expressive movement and floaty paces.

As always, a big thank you to our riders for coming to our events (and their supportive parents/grooms), our wonderful Coach Shelagh, our talented choreographer Hannah for her original choreography and to Emily who efficiently supports our floor planning creations. It's a team effort!

Anna x

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